Cute, comfortable flat shoes
Cute, comfortable flat shoes
Cute, comfortable flat shoes
Cute, comfortable flat shoes


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Ally is for the classy woman who also knows how to have fun!

You will love Ally, she is the shoe that will make you feel like you are sweet and tasty with a touch of class - just like the liquorice all-sort that inspired her.

Ally is also the queen of transformation, her simple colouring goes with so many colours that you haven't even thought of - navy and maroon are perfect matches for her green, white, black and pink stripes. She is like no other and will make you feel that way too. 


Our fLats are lightly padded, particularly at the base of the heel, but they have been designed with your comfort in mind.

With an adjustable bow - that's right you can untie the bow and make them fit tighter if needed - these fLats won't slip off your feet like others do.

•    a fabric upper and leather inner with a rubber sole;
•    an almond shaped toe and minimal/no “toe cleavage”;
•    an 8mm heel height;
•    a bow that can be tightened by gently puling on the cord; 
•    a slightly deeper area around the heel to give a little bit more support; 
•    gilded “fLats by fletcherLovell” on the inner sole. 

Lovingly handcrafted in Spain. 

Refer to our FAQ page for information on how to get the best fit for you.

* There may be slight colour variations from the photos to real life.

*  As these are hand crafted there may be small imperfections, this is not a product fault but a feature of being hand crafted.