Not only are our shoes limited edition, BUT we have half sizes, large sizes and can even get up to size 45 and kid sizes. Let us help you get the right size. 

AU/US UK fLats fLats length mm
6 3 36 240.34
7 4 37 247
7.5 4.5 37.5 250.33
8 5 38 253.66
8.5 5.5 38.5 256.99
9 6 39 260.32
9.5 6.5 39.5 263.65
10 7 40 266.98
10.5 7.5 40.5 270.31
11 8 41 273.64
12 9 42 280.30

* For all our coloured ballet flats, we recommend that you match the size to your normal sneaker/trainer size. If you are normally an AU/US 7 pick a size 37.

* For our black ballet flats, we recommend that you go up half a size. 

* For our velvet loafers, are a slightly narrower fit, we recommend that you pick your normal sneaker/trainer size or even go up half a size. 

*** If in doubt, always go up half a size - that is the beauty of fletcherLovell we have half sizes- our feet get bigger in warmer weather and a half size too big can easily be fixed with a half size insert ***

Do not use your normal EU size as some brands using EU sizes are made in Asia and they do not accurately correspond with EU sizes from Europe. 

I can't stand "toe cleavage", do your shoes have this?

Our shoes have been designed to get rid of the dreaded toe cleavage. So the answer to this is no to minimal toe cleavage (unless you have long toes!)

My feet are wide, will they fit me?

We have had feedback from people with wider feet that they fit well and are comfortable. A cobbler can also stretch the leather flats to make them a bit wider if needed. 

I have seen pictures on Instagram/ Facebook but these are not available to buy on your website?

Our ranges are limited edition and can be limited to one pair only - email us at contact@fletcherlovell and see if we have the pair in your size. 

How can I best look after my fLats?

Take care of your fLats just like any other pair of shoes. Using a regular leather moisturiser on our leather fLats will help keep them soft and we recommend waterproofing our fabric fLats and our velvet loafers. 

Do your fLats rub at the back of the heel?

Our fLats are slightly higher at the back of the heel to avoid rubbing. They have been designed to avoid those pesky blisters. 

Do you have small or large sizes?

Our smallest size at the moment is size 36 and our largest is size 42. If there is enough interest, we can order as small as 34 and as large as size 44.  Please email us at contact@fletcherlovell.com if you are interested in purchasing large or small sizes.