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Shoes with heart and soul

I have always been a shoe lover - I'm that girl at your office who has 10 pairs of shoes under her desk, but high heels are impractical for everyday wear and poorly made flat shoes will give you blisters and hurt your feet. Put your hand up if you if you hate blisters from flats? 

So when my Dad died suddenly, it was time to make bolder choices in my life - even if it's a little crazy to suddenly start your own footwear line! I combined my love of art and shoes together with the aim of bringing wearable art to your everyday wardrobe; to put a pop of colour in your day. I love the fun European colourful vibe and wanted to incorporate it into Australian fashion (let's face it we are a bit conservative in our footwear choices). 

So our range is inspired by art, colour and playfulness. Our shoes are designed to be feminine, functional and fun.  

Ethically handcrafted in Spain by a family business that has operated for four generations our shoes are also beyond comfortable. As someone who has broken one ankle, torn ligaments in the other, gets plantar fasciitis, has worn orthotics, has a heel spur, bunions and a whole lot of other foot problems which I won't bore you with- trust me when I say that our shoes can be worn comfortably all day (and I even run in them occasionally when I'm running late for the train!) 

Oh and - to top it off - our shoes are all limited edition, because let's face it ladies - while we want to show off to our girlfriends - we don't really want them to have exactly the same things as us ; ) Who hates turning up at work, at an event or just anywhere - where you are wearing the same thing as someone else? Not me! 

So try out our range for yourself! 

Love Penny xo

PS. My Dad's surname fletcher also means he is right here on this crazy journey with me.