Why our fLat shoes are perfect for you

Have you looked at shoes online before and thought:

* Are they really comfortable?  

* My feet are too wide, too big/small, I have narrow heels so I can't wear these shoes?

* I like these shoes, but I wear orthotics so they won't work for me. 

* What if I get the wrong size?

* What would I wear them with?

* Do I need another pair of shoes? 

I'll answer the last question first! Yes! Our shoes are worth it, and you won't be sorry for adding them to your wardrobe. 

The other answers are:

* All our shoes are leather lined and mould to your feet after wear. We have had customers describe them to us as soft, fitting like a glove and just general feedback is that our shoes are very comfortable. We have many repeat customers because one pair just isn't enough!

* Our shoes will fit a wide range of feet and will stretch to fit wider feet.  We have small sizes and large sizes (up to a size 42 which matches a US/AU12). If you have narrow ankles and ballet flats slip off your feet, all of our range with bows can be tightened, so this should avoid them slipping off.

* We have half sizes across our range and it matches with your normal size. Follow Size Guide which includes the measurement of our shoes if you wanted to match it against the cm measurement on your sneakers/trainers. Or drop us a line - we would love to help you with your flats. 

* A number of our customers wear orthotics. Customers have told me that they can comfortably wear our shoes for a number of hours without their orthotics. This includes customers who have uncomfortable conditions such as bunions. Our leather inner is very soft.