Penny Lovell, from fletcherLovell, who am I?

I'm Penny the somewhat faceless person behind fletcherLovell. I'm not entirely faceless of course (you can see me below- self portrait of course) and I have put a few pictures of me on Instagram (only took a couple of years to get up the courage ; ) )  I'm more comfortable behind the camera - I take the majority of the photos that you see - than in front of it. 

I am a former lawyer and public servant. I am an introvert by nature but I'm passionate about my shoes! 

I have two beautiful children and I recently moved to Melbourne in Australia. 

I love all things art, travel, nature and shoes! I love nice things and I also love to organise - even if I am not the most organised person all the time. 

I hope you will share with me at a bit about you too as our journey to be out there continues! 

Penny xo