How to stop impulse buying

Sometimes buying stuff can make us feel good about ourselves for a few minutes and then we need to buy again. What if I could help you stop that impulse buying cycle? That need to buy something just because it’s on sale or your best friend has it and you want it too. 

Think about the last thing that you bought and ask yourself why did you buy it? 

For me, I bought a pair of gold dangly earrings - I wanted a pair of statement earrings. The kind that I could wear with my all black outfits - because I wear a lot of black - and my pop of colour shoes. 

Did I need the earrings? No, but that wasn’t what I asked myself. I asked myself - will I still want to wear these in two years time? OR will I wear these so much this year that I will have gotten a lifetime of love out of them? And so long as I answer “yes” to one of these questions, then I buy something. For me, I could answer yes to the two years time - because it’s not like I am going to wear super long earrings every day! 

Put simply, the way to get that shopping buzz without any regret, is to - ask yourself - “Will I still want to wear this in two years time?” or “Will I wear it so much this year that I will have gotten all the love out of it?"

This is how I get pieces in my wardrobes that I love that don’t rely on what is trendy, fashionable or what everyone else has - because let’s face it, those things are transient and are either worn once and given away or we wonder why we ever bought them in the first place. 

So think of all your purchases like artwork - the kind that you love enough to put on your walls for years and years - and you will find that you when you buy things that you will truly appreciate and enjoy wearing them, and they won’t get shoved to the back of the cupboard.  

Penny xoxo