Bright and hot!

You might have noticed that there is a neon trend happening right now amongst celebrities – draping themselves in all green, all pink or all yellow outfits (think Blake Lively and Kim KW). While most of us cannot get away with wearing these outfits (and maybe we think that they look a bit over the top), there is something bold and brash about how celebrities wear what they want without really caring what other people say. This is particularly interesting because they are the ones that are subject to so many awful comments online with people hiding behind their computer screens.

It really reminds me that we should always dress for ourselves and not for others. That being bold, doesn’t have to mean wearing all green but can mean wearing something that you wouldn’t usually wear or not wearing your all black outfit that makes you blend in with the masses or makes you look at worst like a burglar and at its best a ninja…

So, I encourage you to take a proper look in your wardrobe and find those special pieces. The ones that you bought because you wanted to get out of your comfort zone, the ones that make you smile and the ones that when you do wear them everyone asks “Where did you get that?” or “That is fabulous!”, because let’s face it – we could all do with more fabulous in our lives.

Penny xoxo


Photo credit: Getty Images; James Devaney